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Q: Password issues. How can I get a new one?

A: 1. If you forgot your password or would like to change your password, please see the instructions below on how to send yourself a new password link to change your password:

  • Access the online insurance website Logon page.
  • Click on the [Forgot Your Password] link.
  • To reset your password, enter your [User ID], the [email address] linked to your account and then click on the [Submit] button. (Your User ID could be your email address or another user ID given by your administrator when your account was created.)
  • You will receive an automatic email from the Oceanwide system with a link to set your new password.
  • Click on the link to access the screen to set a new password.
  • Enter the new password.
    • For security best practices, (considering your company requirements), your password must:
      • be at least 6-8 characters long
      • not be reused within a cycle of 6 unique passwords
      • contain one uppercase letter & one lowercase letter
      • contain one special character (e.g. &, @, #, $, ?, /)
      • not contain 3 repeating characters
      • not be the same as or contain your user ID
      • be changed every 60 days
      • NOTE: Here are a few password combination examples: Pass1#word, 1pass#Word
  • Enter the new password again to confirm consistency.
  • Click on the [Change Password] button.

2. If the long password link in the email is not taking you to a change password screen:

  • It could be that the Link is expired after 60 days from when it was sent.
    • If expired, repeat the [Forgot your Password] process to send yourself a new password link
  • You could also try to delete the cookies and cache on your browser, close all other existing browsers and click on the link again.
  • It could be because your email security system (Office 365 ATP) is rewriting all system generated links in incoming emails from The security system replaces the Oceanwide link with links that begin with “” followed by complex lines of code. Consequently, when clicking the password link, it is considered invalid.

3. If you just want to change your password and you know your current password:

  • Once logged into the system, go to the [Tools] menu on the top ribbon and click on [Profile].
  • At the bottom, click on [Change Password] button.
  • In the [Change Password] screen, enter your old password your new password and then confirm your new password by entering it again.
  • Click on the [Change] button.
Q: I tried to print a certificate but the dialogue box disappeared before I could open it.

A: You seem to have a pop up blocker issue. Please refer to the "Troubleshooting for printing issues" see below to disable your pop up blockers and try printing again.

Q: My certificate went into referral. What can I do?


What is a Referral?

A referral occurs when you attempt to insure a shipment but the shipment details do not match the coverage provided, as outlined in your insurance policy. The system generates a referral and provides you with the reasons for the referral.

Examples of possible referral reasons

  • If the shipment’s Date of Departure is too far in the past to be acceptable by the backdating tolerance defined in the policy.
  • If the combination of the Commodity, Packing/Shipment Method, Coverage option, Conveyance, and Route has been marked to be automatically referred.
  • If the insured value exceeds the allowable maximum as defined for the policy, the conveyance or the combination of Commodity, Packing/Shipment Method, Coverage option, Conveyance and Route.
  • If the [Cannot Locate Vessel] checkbox is checked and your policy requires that you select a vessel from a third-party list of vessels.

General Workflow

If the shipment generates a referral and you verify that the shipment’s details are accurate you must submit the referral for review. Click the [Submit Referral] button.
Your insurance representative will then review the shipment to determine if the shipment is eligible for coverage and will optionally adjust the shipment’s rates, premiums and/or insuring conditions accordingly. The insurance representative can then either issue a quote based on the adjusted terms or accept the referral in which case the shipment’s status will automatically be updated to ‘Booked’.

Referral Stages

After you click the [Verify Coverage] button

A message will appear informing you that the shipment has generated one or more referrals along with the reasons for each referral.
  • Click [Edit Shipment] to correct/modify the shipment details and re-verify coverage to see if it is insurable
  • OR
  • Validate if the shipment details are accurate and leave as is and click [Submit Referral]
    • If you click the [Submit Referral] button, the shipment will be sent to your Insurance representative for approval

Note: While awaiting approval, the shipment certificate cannot be edited, cancelled, or printed. The associated premium information will usually not be visible.

After you click on the [Submit Referral] button

An email notification will be sent to the insurance representatives to ask them to review the referral. The Insurance representatives would then decide whether to approve your shipment, subject to a revised rate and/or deductible and/or extra insuring conditions, or to reject the shipment as is.

Note: Only your insurance representative can handle the referrals. After reviewing the referral, the system will send an automatic email to notify you whether the referral has been accepted or rejected.

To access your Insurance Representatives contact information, please refer to the Genoa System Generated email you received with subject 'Referral Submitted on Certificate' who also included their email addresses in the Sent 'To' section.

Response Time of Referral Review

The response time can vary; generally, a referral takes between one to two business days before it is reviewed and approved/released or rejected. If you need the referral to be resolved more quickly, or if you need more information on the status you may contact your Insurance Representative to request a status update on the shipment or advise them about the urgency.

Workflow for a Sanction Non-Compliance Referral

A sanction compliance officer has to release any certificates that trigger a sanction referral and a regular insurance representative who is not set up with the security right to release those certificates will not have the option to [Accept Referral].

What is an OFAC Sanction Referred Shipment?
A policy referral is different from a sanction referred shipment, which indicates that your shipment does not respect the US trade sanctions indicated by the Office of Foreign Asset Control. If a shipment is created using any restricted values, the shipment status will be [Sanction Referred].

To verify the status of a referral:

  • Search for the referred shipment by selecting [Shipments > Query/List] from the main menu.
  • Make sure to check off [Referred] or [OFAC referred] from the Status section of the Shipment Search Criteria.
  • After you select a shipment to view form the search results, the referral reason and shipment status are displayed at the top of the page.
  • When the shipment status is [Referred] or [Referral in Process], the shipment information cannot be modified but you may attach documents to the shipment as required if your security rights permit.
  • If the shipment is not found, its status may have changed. Perform another search, checking the Status boxes for Booked and Rejected Referral.

Note: If the Referral and Change Request table has been activated in your [Profile] page, all available shipments currently in referral will be displayed on the [Status] screen. The [Status] screen can be accessed by selecting the appropriate policy from the Policy menu.

Q: How can I find a certificate?

A: Under the Shipment option, navigate to [Query/List]. In the search criteria form enter any information known about the certificate you are trying to find and click [Search]. A list of results matching the criteria entered will appear, select the appropriate certificate.

Q: I made a mistake on my certificate how can I correct it?

A: After searching for and loading your certificate, click [Change] at the bottom of the screen. If you have the right to edit a booked certificate, the fields will unlock allowing you to change any information and verify coverage again. If you do not have this right you will instead click on the [Change Request] button and enter your change request, detailing the information you would like to modify so that your insurance representative can make the requested changes.

Q: What are the system requirements?

A: We support the latest version of Internet Explorer, Google chrome and Firefox and one version back.

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